How to Launch coverThis site has been created as an online resource in conjunction with my latest book, How To Publish A Magazine In This Digital Age, published by Bloomsbury.

It contains a variety of resources including blog posts, the latest media news in the form of RSS feeds, sample content plus a FAQs section, while the book provides an insight into setting up a new magazine from scratch.

Which platform?

Online map iconDo you opt for digital with content spread across online and social media platforms? Or should you take a 360 degree approach putting content in print, online and social media platforms plus as a digital product? The answer depends on your product – and how your audience is likely to consume the content. Each new magazine concept will have its unique requirements depending on those factors.

Consumption of content and how to make money from it will be one of the key questions covered in the blog. Also there will be posts on other business strategies including:

  • Getting digital content right
  • Generating revenue streams
  • Introducing paywalls that readers will use
  • Strategies for cashflow management

Whether you are a publisher or an editor thinking about creating a new title to add to your existing stable or an undergrad or postgraduate student studying magazine journalism  – we have the resources to help. For more details see Consultancy